All of Pauline Andrès’ Ghosts

All of Pauline Andrès’ Ghosts

Pauline Andrès long

All of Them Ghosts” is a collection of 11 songs written by singer-songwriter Pauline Andres (a French citizen of Hungarian heritage) written at gas-station parking lots and on sleazy bar stools.

These are stories of violence, loss and faith dressed up in agreeable Americana outfits and with an alternative rock vibe.

If I was gonna be a Nashville cross-dressing cross-over act I would call myself “

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Fine Lisa Alma

Lisa Alma long

Lisa Alma is a singer, songwriter and producer hailing all the way from Copenhagen Denmark.

After having supported Agnes Obeland performed at SXSW and CMJ, she went on a tour in the US by doing a variety of sold out shows in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and New York. Having gained a few syncing opportunities for her previous tracks, she decided to go back to the studio and work on new…

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Daisy Victoria Dies For Nobody

Daisy Victoria Dies For Nobody

Daisy Victoria long

Following the success of her acclaimed debut ‘Heart Full Of Beef’ – rising punk starlet Daisy Victoria is set to relase her new EP ‘Nobody Dies’ on 3rd November.

Named after the rousing title track the new EP is a bold step in this intriguing new artist’s career. Channelling the punk swagger of Patti Smith and the vocal complexity of a young PJ Harvey, Daisy Victoria’s accomplished sound belies…

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Boxed Into The Hill

Boxed Into The Hill

Boxed In long

Boxed In will release the second single, ‘Foot of the Hill’ from his forthcoming self-titled debut album on the 3rd November through Nettwerk Records.

Having played in indie band Keith, written for The 2 Bears, sung for George FitzGerald as well as producing for the likes of The Voyeurs, Rosie Lowe and The Bohicas – Boxed In, aka Oli Baystonis finally bringing his wide array of talents to bear…

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Krgovich On Sunset

Nicholas Krgovich long

Vancouver based Nicholas Krgovich is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work with No Kids, Gigi and P:ano.

Krgovich is now set to release his new album ‘On Sunset’ on 13th October on Tin Angel Records.

The album contains new wave style tracks with pop sensibilities combined with sophisticated LA musicianship – it also includes performances from indie rock musician Karl Blau

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Let Glitter Wasteland Go

Let Glitter Wasteland Go

Glitter wasteland long

Glitter Wasteland is a creative collective around singer/songwriter Siri Jantey. Current producers are Timo Loosli [Faux Tales] and Marco Neeser.

Glitter Wasteland - The vocal  has a spectacular shine  -  would register high on gloss meter ...

Glitter Wasteland – The vocal has a spectacular shine – would register high on a gloss-o-meter …

We have been listening to “Don’t Let It Go” -

If you liked the raw gutsy attitude of 80’s synth-pop – with that rumble of energy – (it felt like the…

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Andy Burrows Tour News

Andy Burrows Tour News

Andy Burrows long

Andy Burrows – whose stunning new album, “Fall Together Again”, is released on Play It Again Sam on 20th October – has invited the London singer-songwriter Charlene Soraia to join him on his upcoming UK tour dates.

Charlene Soraia large

Charlene Soraia – UK tour dates with Andy Burrows …

Burrows first heard Charlene Soraia on Radio 1 earlier this year and was enthralled by the London-born singer-songwriter.

She is…

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Daniella Never Will Die

Daniella Never Will Die

Daniella Watters long

Daniella Watters is an award winning pop/soul/R&B singer-songwriter from Toronto.

She has just released her music video for her latest single “Never Will Die” where she figure skates with Sasquatch!

As a child, it was her dream to be an Olympic figure skater who skated to her own music. She says she trained for 2 months to get her skating chops back to film this vid.

Daniella Watters  - Hushed and and irresistibly malty...

Daniella Watters – Hushed and…

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Go Fiasco Heaven

Go Fiasco long

Go Fiasco have announced the release of their debut single ‘Heaven’ – out October 13th.

Formed in 2012 Go Fiasco have quickly established themselves as one of Liverpool’s best bands.

Recently signing with End Of The Trail Records the band are attracting plenty of industry interest.

Go Fiasco rect

Go Fiasco – garlands of guitars hang with grace from the elbows – as the whole thing magnificently arches over you…

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Bebe Panthere Competes

Bebe Panthere long

Raised on Madonna Records, Tarantino Soundtracks, and 90’s Punk – Bebe Panthere is an emerging singer and songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York.

With an exotic look, long flowing pink hair and an exuberant style that reflects a pastiche of counter culture – it’s hard to imagine Bebe, in her youth, playing classical piano and violin to appease her traditional family.

Bebe Panthere - A voice voice so wonderfully juicy - it's like a gobfull of starburst chews...

Bebe Panthere – A voice voice…

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